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Cheryl's Fabric Garden

Cheryl’s Fabric Garden is a boutique fabric-stitching enterprise offering ready-made quilts, quilting supplies, table runners, handbags, baby quilts and more. I’ve been stitching out of love for the craft for my whole life and running a business off my talents for 15 years. Three years ago, I opened my physical to complement my online market. I try to cater equally to people who quilt themselves and those who simply admire hand-stitched wares by offering both supplies and finished products on my website and in my store. When you shop at Cheryl’s Fabric Garden, every product is hand-stitched and filled with color and joy. I enjoy working with fabrics that have large prints and brilliant colors. Every piece is crafted with the utmost passion and precision. There is nothing for me that quite matches the satisfaction of bringing a piece of fabric to life through the magic of design, and my enthusiasm for the craft shines through in every piece I create and sell. Nothing is worth doing if you don’t love the process. When you shop my store, you’ll be able to see and feel the love put into every stitch.

108 Coffee Street East Lanesboro, MN 55949




Fun place to visit! Cheryl had a great selection of ready made items for others like me who aren't quilters. I found a table runner that I didn't know I even needed until I saw it--absolutely beautiful! Cheryl is very friendly and offered helpful advice on what to do in town.

I'm not a quilter but I have, on occasion, picked up other necessary tools/notions for crafty projects I'm working on. All at very reasonable prices! Thank you!
– Brooke P.
Went to a beginner's quilting retreat this weekend. Learned and laughed so much!! Cheryl is a wonderful and patient teacher. We all haad so much fun!! Thanks Cheryl!
– Kim A.

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